Business Policy

Throughout our business activity, in iterations with private actors or administrative entities in our market, we strive to apply

fundamental values that we believe can guide a transversal corporate conduct in our company, and create a way of being

specific to Greenflow and its team, such as:

  • Environmental values: Our obligation is to defend the best environmental values at the most diverse levels, to recover
    and recycle wastes into new products whenever possible, reintroducing the materials in the economical cycle, and
    certifying that overall, our product cycle is environmentally advantageous.
  • Transparency: Transparency is a fundamental pillar of our conduct. It is our policy to report in a fair, accurate, timely and
    understandable manner in all our daily attitudes, reports and documents we issue.
  • Reputation: The reputation is an invaluable and unbreakable asset.
  • Respect for all market players: We treat all market players in which we operate as we wish to be treated, with respect,
    elevation, and integrity.
  • Competence and responsibility: We strive for competence, for scientific facts, for the analysis of the life cycle of our
    products, for the responsibility and accuracy of the information transmitted.
  • Business and Commercial: It is our obligation to work daily with all the stakeholders of our business, and specially with
    our customers to keep the business sustainable and generate the economic results necessary to maintain the quality
    standards of our services and products. We are driven by the customer satisfaction, and we advocate long term
    partnerships, with both customers and suppliers.
  • Competition: We fight against any kind of unfair competition, namely that may derive from illegal business or
    environmental practices, lack of rigor in incorporating production costs, or false or misleading commercial information.
  • Legal: We follow the laws, regulations, and all standards applicable to our business, study their impacts, and strive for
    strict compliance with these standards in any circumstance.
  • Human resources: Our most valuable asset. We are inclusive, we value motivation, team spirit, modern thinking and joy
    at work. We seek that our professionals review themselves in our values and defend them in their daily lives. Ethical
    behavior, creative and critical spirit, open thinking, are values that we highlight in our teams. We are demanding with the
    quality of the work of each one, because in this requirement we create value for all. Valuing our human resources is the
    first step towards a joint success.

Shaping the energy

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